Added Performance!

Wow! What a run we’ve been having here in New York! THE APPOINTMENT was made a Critic’s Pick by the New York Times and TimeOutNew York. We’ve had sold-out shows and, due to demand, have added an additional performance!

It’s been a wild time up here and we’ve been so excited to share the show with New York audiences. If you’re in the city, we hope you’ll join us during this last week. If you don’t have your ticket already, sales are open for our added show, Saturday May 4th at 3pm. (If you can’t make it then, the standby line opens up at 2 hours to curtain every night. People have been getting in, so be sure to come by!)

Lightning Rod Special is the Philadelphia-based company that gave us “Underground Railroad Game,” a show that used a middle-school classroom format to dive deep, really deep, into the emotional and sexual dynamics of interracial relationships. That production was a bona fide shocker, in the best tradition of taboo-busting art, and you might have thought that this troupe had gone about as far as it could go in the theater of discomfort.
But “The Appointment,” created by a four-member writing team led by Alice Yorke and directed by Eva Steinmetz, made me feel just as uneasy, offended, engrossed and, finally, enlightened as “Underground Railroad Game” had. I hasten to add that enlightenment, in this case, involves no definitive conclusions.

Only by the end are you aware of just how carefully calibrated “The Appointment” has been. This thoughtful, profoundly imaginative show concludes in a silence that is all the more eloquent for the sound and the fury that preceded it. It’s a postscript that allows plenty of space for mixed feelings.

-Ben Brantley, New York Times,

See you at the theatre!