In Solidarity.

We at Lightning Rod Special are saddened and outraged by the state-sanctioned murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the countless others who have lost their lives in heartbreakingly similar ways. These inexcusable deaths confirm the pervasive anti-Blackness that infects this country and its institutions.

We stand in solidarity with those individuals and organizations that are working to combat white supremacy in all of its latent and overt manifestations, acknowledging first and foremost that our company has a great deal of work to do in facing and dismantling its own systemic racism. At Lightning Rod Special we try to make provocative work that conscientiously destabilizes our audiences. That work can only succeed when we begin by destabilizing and challenging ourselves.

We pledge to work harder in making a home for artists and art that envisions a better future while unequivocally acknowledging the pernicious and painful legacy of racialized violence, oppression, and invisibility.

Below are some funds that company members have donated to at this moment. If you are able, consider joining us:

Philly Bail Fund

National Bailout

Black Visions MN

Communities United Against Police Brutality

Here are further resources that company members have been engaging with: has a list of articles, podcasts, videos, books, and people to engage with in our work to be anti-racist. 

THIS is a helpful tool for “mapping our roles in a social change ecosystem.” Not everyone can be on the front-lines, but there is a place for everyone. We have found this document useful for identifying our individual roles.

The Movement 4 Black Lives which has details about the Week of Action happening nationally this week (with specific info about how high- or low-contact the actions are).

THIS regularly updated BlackLivesMatter toolkit.