Let the Dog See the Rabbit

Let the Dog See the Rabbit – May 2015

“The eyes of an animal when they consider a man are attentive and wary. Other animals are held by the look. Man becomes aware of himself returning the look.” – John Berger

Let the Dog See the Rabbit is Lightning Rod Special’s investigation into how we look at animals. Steering clear of pink elephants, paper tigers, early birds and night owls, LDSR refuses to restrict animals to the metaphorical margins. Instead we gaze unblinking into the animal eye and reflect what we see there.

This project was directed by LRS Co-Director Mason Rosenthal. The piece featured a 13-person ensemble and ran May 13-21st at The Sanctuary space inside The Rotunda in West Philly.



Lead Artist/Director – Mason Rosenthal

Co-Creators/Performers – Katie Gould, Scott Sheppard, Alice Yorke, Aram Aghazarian, Alex Bechtel, Dan Higbee, Jenna Horton, Justin Jain, Hannah de Keijzer, Kevin Meehan, Arielle Pina, Justin Rose, and Steve Wright

Assistant Directors – Paloma Irizarry and Nick Schwasman

Stage Manager – Angela Coleman

Scenic Design – Cat Johnson

Costume Design – Rebecca Kanach

Lighting Design – Andrew Thompson

Sound Design – Patrick Lamborn