The Appointment

The Appointment – March 2019

“You are pregnant and want to know everything you can about the options you have. You have a right to know the truth. This booklet provides important information about the baby that is growing in your womb and the resources available to you during and after your pregnancy.” – Opening of “A Women’s Right to Know” from the State of Texas Health and Human Services

In August Lightning Rod Special shared a first draft of The Appointment (formerly “Unformed Consent”), a dark satire with original music of the misogyny, hypocrisy, and absurdity surrounding the abortion debate in America. Tickets were free with a suggested donation solicited at the door for our partner organizations, Women’s Medical Fund and Philadelphia Women’s Center. With your help we raised $4818 for compassionate abortion care and reproductive health services.

In March of 2019, FringeArts will present The Appointment as the centerpiece of their new festival, called High Pressure Fire Service, dedicated to Philadelphia’s next generation of makers.


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Lead Artist – Alice Yorke

Director – Eva Steinmetz

Composer – Alex Bechtel

Co-Creators/Performers – Katie Gould, Scott Sheppard, Alice Yorke, Alex Bechtel, Jenson Titus Lavallee, Jaime Maseda, Brett Robinson

Additional Direction and Creation  – Mason Rosenthal

Stage Manager – Sara Marinich

Scenic Design – Oona Curley

Costume Design – Jill Keys

Lighting Design – Masha Tsimring

Sound Design – Lucas Fendlay

Production Manager – Lauren Tracy

Audience Engagement Coordinator – Meredith Sonnen