The Appointment

The Appointment – March 2019

“You are pregnant and want to know everything you can about the options you have. You have a right to know the truth. This booklet provides important information about the baby that is growing in your womb and the resources available to you during and after your pregnancy.” – Opening of “A Women’s Right to Know” from the State of Texas Health and Human Services

Hi there. Welcome to the waiting room. Make yourself comfortable. Before we get started, we are required by law to provide you with some highly factual information about tonight’s procedure…

The Appointment is an all-ages musical experience (not appropriate for children under 16).


The Appointment is Lightning Rod Special’s upcoming musical about the joys of birth and birthing (and the hypocrisy, absurdity, and misogyny of the abortion debate).

After viewing The Appointment you may experience some of the following side effects: dizziness, cramping, light spotting, desire to drink alcohol, increased rage at the state of our world, and in some rare cases, viewers have been known to seek out ways to get more involved. Please call a member of our team if any of these side effects lasts longer than two days.

And finally, know that The Appointment is an act of pure entertainment with no mental or emotional engagement required that will leave you feeling full of joy and light (this dangerously satiric cabaret demands a reexamination of your deeply internalized participation in a patriarchal culture).

The doctor is ready for you…

  *        *        *

In March of 2019, FringeArts will present The Appointment as the centerpiece of their new festival, called High Pressure Fire Service, dedicated to Philadelphia’s next generation of makers. A dark satire with original music, The Appointment examines the misogyny, hypocrisy, and absurdity of the contemporary abortion debate in America. The work unpacks the economic, societal, and political systems that disempower groups of people from making informed reproductive decisions and will be accompanied by an extensive program to activate the work seen on stage with opportunities for audiences to get involved in reproductive justice work in Philadelphia.

Performances will be at FringeArts, 120 N Columbus Blvd. Tickets are on sale NOW:

Wednesday, Mar 20 at 7pm* (preview)

Thursday, Mar 21 at 8pm (opening)

Friday, Mar 22 at 8pm

Saturday, Mar 23 at 2pm

Saturday, Mar 23 at 8pm

Sunday, Mar 24 at 3pm

Wednesday, Mar 27 at 7pm

Thursday, Mar 28 at 8pm

Friday, Mar 29 at 8pm

Saturday, Mar 30 at 2pm

Saturday, Mar 30 at 8pm

Sunday, Mar 31 at 2pm

Post- and pre-show events are to be announced. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay updated.

Information can also be found HERE.


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In August 2017 Lightning Rod Special shared a first draft of The Appointment (formerly “Unformed Consent”), a dark satire with original music of the misogyny, hypocrisy, and absurdity surrounding the abortion debate in America. Tickets were free with a suggested donation solicited at the door for our partner organizations, Women’s Medical Fund and Philadelphia Women’s Center. With your help we raised $4818 for compassionate abortion care and reproductive health services.



Lead Artist – Alice Yorke

Director – Eva Steinmetz

Composer – Alex Bechtel

Co-Creators/Performers – Katie Gould, Jaime Maseda, Lee Minora, Bren Thomas, Brett Robinson, Scott Sheppard, Alice Yorke

Additional creation – nicHi Douglas, Jenson Titus Lavallee, Mason Rosenthal

Stage Manager – Sara Marinich

Production Design – Oona Curley

Lighting Design – Masha Tsimring

Costume Design – Jill Keys

Sound Design – Liz Atkinson

Choreography – Melanie Cotton

Music Director – Amanda Morton

Co-Creative Producer – Meredith Sonnen

Production Manager – Lauren Tracy

Audience Engagement Coordinator – Cat Ramirez

THE APPOINTMENT was developed, in part, with assistance from The Orchard Project.

THE APPOINTMENT was developed, in part, during Camp Fringe 2018, at FringeArts Philadelphia.