The RV Plays

The RV Plays – New Orleans Fringe Festival 2013

“America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.” -Tennessee Williams

An intimate evening of theatre inside a recreational vehicle for limited audiences, Lightning Rod Special presented three pieces inside of the very same RV they used to make their way from their Philadelphia home to the city of New Orleans.

À Table

Alice Yorke uses the smallest stage to tell the largest of stories. Creating a whole world for the audience in the palm of her hand, À Table explores the limits of what we need to understand in order to comprehend.

The Axeman

Katie Gould tells an adult story from a kid’s perspective. Left alone in her home, little Sarah has planned her first sleepover without her parents’ supervision, and seven lucky audience members get the chance to join in all the fun.

Nobody’s Home

Mason Rosenthal presents a multi-sensory meditation on the nature of nothingness, performed for an extraordinary audience in an ordinary vehicle. Expect refreshments, waterfowl, foot massage, and mind-melting voice over. This piece was a co-production with The Medium Theatre Company.



Nobody’s Home Pittsburgh Trib preview.

Nobody’s Home at Haverford College.


À Table

Creator/Performer – Alice Yorke

The Axeman

Creator/Performer – Katie Gould

Nobody’s Home

Co-Creators – Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews and Mason Rosenthal

Performer – Mason Rosenthal

Director – Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews

Scenic Design – Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews

Sound Design – Jonathan Pfeffer

Costume Design – Rebecca Kanach