Unformed Consent

Unformed Consent – August 2017

“You are pregnant and want to know everything you can about the options you have. You have a right to know the truth. This booklet provides important information about the baby that is growing in your womb and the resources available to you during and after your pregnancy.” – Opening of A Women’s Right to Know from the State of Texas Health and Human Services

In August Lightning Rod Special shared a first draft of Unformed Consent, a theatrical revue of abortion, fetal development, and your right to know. Tickets were free with a suggested donation solicited at the door for our partner organizations, Women’s Medical Fund and Philadelphia Women’s Center. With your help we raised $4818 for compassionate abortion care and reproductive health services.

Check back for information about where Unformed Consent is headed next!



Lead Artist – Alice Yorke

Director – Eva Steinmetz

Composer – Alex Bechtel

Co-Creators/Performers – Katie Gould, Scott Sheppard, Alice Yorke, Alex Bechtel, Jenson Titus Lavallee, Jaime Maseda, Brett Robinson

Additional Direction and Creation  – Mason Rosenthal

Stage Manager – Sara Marinich

Scenic Design – Oona Curley

Costume Design – Jill Keys

Lighting Design – Masha Tsimring

Sound Design – Lucas Fendlay

Production Manager – Lauren Tracy

Audience Engagement Coordinator – Meredith Sonnen